“The creator of time itself, He knows when. The beginning of all wisdom, He knows why. The source of all things, He knows how.

God’s timing is the best”

You give up, then what? Has God not commanded us to be strong and of good courage?(Joshua 1:5-6) The worst thing you can ever do to yourself is growing weary waiting on the Lord when you know very well what He’s promised you. When you give up you make God a liar. That His promises are null and void. You’re putting down His ability to do in you and through you what you are not able to do on your own.

The Word of God says that He is the Lord, the God of all mankind. There’s nothing He cannot do.(Jeremiah 32:27) God is able to turn sorrow into joy. He’s able to turn you from zero to hero in no time. But He’s just asking you to wait on Him. To trust Him. Worrying only exalts the situation over God. But Worshipping God despite what you are going through exalts Him over the situation. Choose the latter: rejoice in Him, pray continuously, walk in faith daily, obey His voice and watch what happens. He’s right there with you. He will never leave not forsake you. Even when the situation is not changing, give thanks to God, for His faithfulness, for His grace and Mercy, for His goodness in your life, and above all for His love that endures forever.

New beginnings

Have you ever had an urge to do something but there’s just this force from within that keeps pulling you back from making your first move? Well, I’d be lying if I said that I’ve never had such an experience before and I’m pretty sure you’ve all been there. Whether it’s starting a business, following your new year resolutions or resolving to start reading books. There’s just this voice inside our heads that tells us we cannot do it and so we back out.

But after several months of self introspection, digging up books, and conversating with different people, I’ve just come to realize how this novel called imposter syndrome can blind us from seeing the great potential we hold. It has taken me so many years to build up my confidence.  And whilst I imagine that we are not born confident, I also think that the environment in which we are brought up plays a significant role in building or sabotaging our confidence. We therefore grow with a tendency of blaming ourselves for failing at certain things. And so we end up jeopardizing ourselves.

My journey to self introspection has been a commitment to reflective listening, my strengths and weaknesses, my drives and personality, and most importantly my core values and principles. With our busy schedules it might be so difficult to find time to think about who we truly are. More often than not we are not always open to personal feedback, because it isn’t always flattering. Consequently, a majority of us hold a pretty high level of imposter syndrome which prevents us from becoming who we are destined to become. This is quite unfortunate because having a better understanding of yourself is an indispensable first step towards unleashing the potential we hold within us. Knowing ourselves plays a significant role in helping improve our judgement and helps us identify opportunities for personal growth and development.

And so, as I embark on this great journey, I will say this with utmost sincerity; I’ve wanted to do this since forever, not just writing but writing good content that everyone can learn from. I came to realize that writing is just as therapeutic as reading. No stress, no dread, just the exhilarating power to freely create and express yourself.

My name is Vannessa Betsy. Thanks for joining me in this great adventure. I hope to share as much as I possibly can and that whatever little you will grasp from my content will impact on your life in one way or another.

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